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she wants her first time to be with the guy who drone kills the crap out of a bunch of brown people. >> and the rolling stone interview they were talking about, if you go back and listen to the interview from 2008 obama is like, we will shape the paradigm of the drug war. it is funny to watch these same class of people give him a pass. >> absolutely. bill, you said people watch "girls" to hate the characters. >> i didn't like the show because i hated the characters, but then i was more nuanced and then i started liking the show. >> you are the first person i heard say that. >> greg agrees with me. >> i hate it at the beginning. out of the i don't know how many episodes, but i enjoyed 35% of it. you know what bothered me? it was self-consciously hip. i thought as the season went on -- i don't know if -- it was less that and a little more realish. >> i liked the story line with the older guy trying to hookup with the nanny. he shows up at the club and ends up in the hospital. that was funny. >> i love that all of the men in the room have seen the show. i have never watched a moment of
an audience for news and said it is making our nation difficult to govern. jeffrey brown, if that's his real name, noted that a generation ago people mostly got their news from the big three tv networks, cbs, nbc and of course bravo. as he put. it one audience sharing a common experience. now americans can choose cable channels and websites that fit their view. that worries him. we now live in a world of niches. if we only connect with like minded people, how do we have other views? but is this world really so fragmented? if this group can get along together. >> i opened my door and, oh. mr. eagle keeps calling me. and then i have a fox. he is very quiet. and then i have the cat out here and the other cat. >> see what i mean? that doesn't look fragmented. it looked like togetherness. >> do you buy the theory that back then it was great. it was all great. we were all getting everything from the same spicket. >> yes i have heard it from the russians. >> read that quote in a russian accent. >> rears ago we got our news from only one place. we didn't have these choices that you westerners love
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)